World-Class Manufacturers of Home Textiles

About Us

At JVS, we endeavour to be long term business partners with our customers – not just a source of product for them.” Britto Joseph, Managing Director – JVS Export.

JVS Export is a fifth generation family owned textile manufacturer based in Madurai India. We develop and produce private label and branded home textiles for our clients in 25 countries around the globe.

With a 77 year history of weaving experience, JVS Export is highly regarded in the textile industry as a world class producer of home textiles.

Our Recent Awards:

Tesco CSR Award 2016.
Tesco Value Award for On Time Performance & Consistent Quality 2014 & 2015.
Tesco Best Supplier of the Year 2010 (Cook Shop).
Target Vendor of the Year 2008.
Walmart & Asda International Supplier of the Year 2004 & 2007 respectively.
Best Exporter for several years from Texprocil.
Nirayat Shree Award for Best Export Performance from the Government of India.

Quality – Simple & Reliable

At JVS we live by one simple ideology – supreme quality. We demand the highest quality in both production and customer service. Meticulous care is taken to make certain our facilities and products are quality tested to the highest standard.

With state of the art technology we ensure the finest outputs that pass world class standards, and exceed expectations of every single client.

First Class Service

Our design, product development and analytical operations represent an integral component of our business success. In addition to our main team in Madurai, JVS has a dedicated staff in each major market to ensure face-to-face customer service and support for our clients. Our experience has shown that collaboration with our retail partners at every step of the product development process provides huge benefits, resulting in better products that best meet the needs of retail customers.

JVS boasts a staff of 6 in the United States, and 3 in the U.K. to focus on the European market. Our primary goal is to not only be available for our clients, but also their customers, the end users.

Regardless of whether or not we receive specific product development direction from our customers, or sample our own designs; it is critical to be close to the customer – the collaboration is invaluable.

Our Clients – Our Partners

We are immensely proud of our excellent reputation, which we attribute to our considerable export experience that has earned us many distinctions and a clutch of highly satisfied clients. Supplying to over 25 countries, our products have reached far and wide across the globe. Our recent expansion efforts have yielded greater capacity to service our customers in the future.

In addition to the North American clients displayed here, we are proud to partner with Tesco, ASDA, Carrefour, and Sainsbury’s, among others in Europe. Additional customers around the world include Shoprite Stores in South Africa, and Cole’s in Australia.

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Social Responsibility:

We believe our employees are the most important asset of our company. We provide employees at our factories in India with purified drinking water from our own reverse osmosis plant located on site. We maintain a clinic at our factories with a nurse on staff, and a physician visits the campus once per week to provide routine check-ups to employees who may not otherwise have access to routine care.

Environmental Responsibility:

JVS is a leader in southern India with regard to promoting care for the environment: Here are a few examples of our on-going initiatives:

  • The company owns and operates several windmills which provide energy to the local electric cooperative. The net result is our factories run entirely on sustainable wind energy.
  • Rain water harvesting is another key strategy we have adopted to alleviate strain on local ground water resources, a critical consideration for southern India. Our units are estimated to save 100,000 gallons of water per year.
  • JVS uses recycled material in all of our packaging: shipping cartons, poly-bags, bellybands, hang tags, etc.

JVS has achieved SA 8000 Certification.

Manufacturing: Capacity to Produce

JVS is nearly 100% “vertical” in terms of manufacturing. From spinning to final finished products our capabilities and capacities are listed as follows:

JVS Spinners Ltd, is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVS Export. JVS Spinners has a 10 ton per day capacity and produces a broad range of cotton yarns from its 9,936 “state of the art” spindles. JVS Spinners also produces many value added products such as organic cotton (fully-certified), knitted fabrics, linen fabrics, modal yarn, and bamboo yarn.

JVS Export has weaving units at both our original facility in Karur, and now at our new factory located at the Madurai Integrated Textile Park in Madurai.

Looking Forward

  • By the end of 2016 JVS will have increased its weaving capacity by 50% for Terry production and 50% for yarn dyed flat woven and grey sheeting.
  • JVS is looking forward to commencing their own dyeing and printing operations in the near future.
  • JVS is looking forward to investing in Digital printing, Embroidery and Blow fill equipment to cater for the emerging trends in Household Textiles.

Vision Statement

Keeping ahead as a Global Leader in Home Textiles segment, by adopting a sustainable approach.

Vision Statement on Ethical Standards

A better living for everyone whom we are associated with, in discharging corporate social responsibility.